Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical worship is primarily the work of the assembly. All of the faithful gathered at Mass participate in the act of worship and by his/her presence helps to truly create a communal celebration!  Some of the faithful feel called to further participate in the Mass through specific ministries. There are a variety of Liturgical Ministries at Saint Benedict Parish.  Each of these ministries provides an important service in assisting in the worship of the community.

For further information or to inquire about serving in a particular liturgical ministry you may contact the parish office at 724-834-9045.


Altar servers assist the priest for weekend liturgies, holy days and special events. Interested boys & girls, grade 3 through 12, must participate in training sessions and periodic refreshers. Training will include a focus on respect, knowledge of the objects around the altar and master of procedures that altar servers should follow.

Contact: Paulette Stratico, (724)836-2513,

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Altar servers assist the priest for weekday liturgies, holy days and special events. Interested adults who are available during daytime hours are welcome. Training is provided.

Contact: Gene Leonard, (724)838-1883,



Adult Altar servers are a vital part of our parish’s ministry to those who are grieving at the time of a funeral. Adult altar servers help to set up the sanctuary for funeral masses and provide assistance to the priest during the Liturgy. All servers will be trained. Training is provided.

Contact: Gene Leonard, (724)838-1883,

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In every celebration of the Eucharist, there should be a sufficient number of ministers of Holy Communion so that it may be distributed in a reverent and orderly manner. Extraordinary Ministers assist the priest with the distribution of the Precious Blood and Body of Christ. Training is provided so that they show the greatest reverence for the Most Holy Eucharist by their demeanor, their attire, and the manner in which they handle the consecrated bread or wine.

Contact: Sue Leonard, (724)838-1883,

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St. Benedict parish is graced by lay persons who willingly visit the homebound parishioners. When they visit they normally take Communion for the homebound person, and share with them the Word of God. When events in one’s life take place that confine a person to the home, that person is encouraged to inform the parish so that assistance can be provided.

Training is provided.

Contact: Gene Leonard, (724)838-1883,


These men and women proclaim the holy scriptures of God’s Word in the first and second read- ings during the Mass. The lector, or reader, also may lead the Prayers to the Faithful as well as announcements at the onset of Mass.  Lectors represent the Word of God with reverence and grace. Training is provided.

a Lector Workbook and training is provided to all


This group provides a variety of instrumental and vocal presentations for Sunday Liturgies, special occasions, funerals, etc. Teens and adults with a pleasant singing voice or capable instrumental skills are welcome.

Contact: Tim Kuhar, (724)834-9045, OR Barb Visconti, (724)834-9045


Cantors are individuals with a pleasant voice, good presence, and ear for music, who assist the community in song.  Based on skill and experience which is determined through an informal audition, persons may begin serving in this ministry as young as 6th grade. Cantors can expect to rehearse regularly and follow a rotating schedule based on need.


The Greeters stand poised, willing, ready and able to meet, greet and welcome all parishioners with a warm smile and a gracious spirit. Our greeters are the frontline ―doorkeepers‖ in our church and are, in essence, Saint Benedict’s ambassadors of hospitality! The greeters have a unique opportunity of setting the tone for that important first impression of our church and our parish community. Training is provided.
Contact: Aurelia Sabol @ or 724-834-9045 


The ushers’ ministry is one of welcoming and service. Responsibilities include assisting special needs people, assisting people in finding a seat, if necessary and facilitating the collections during Mass.
Contact: the Parish office at 724-834-9045 


When people walk in to our church for the celebration of Mass, they see details, all of which are necessary for the liturgy. Every element in the sanctuary must be put in order and ready for the Eucharistic celebration. A sacristan is also responsible to care for the sacristy, where vestments and sacred vessels are stored, and for the sanctuary and its contents. This person usually works behind the scenes.

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Members plan and prepare the church for liturgical and secular seasons with appreciation and understanding of Catholic liturgy. Parishioners are welcome to contribute their gifts of designing, decorating and other visual arts.

 Contact: Office 724-834-9045