Planning a Funeral

In the face of death, our parish responds with a ministry of consolation extending prayerful compassion and service to those who have suffered the loss of one whom they love. Our staff and volunteers are committed to helping you and your family during this most difficult time. The information below is to assist you in planning your loved one’s funeral.

Readings for the Order of Christian Funerals

At the Funeral Mass there are three readings. The family of the deceased loved one may select the first and second readings, if they so choose. For your family’s consideration, we have linked the funeral readings below. Please choose one reading from the Old Testament readings linked here and one reading from the New Testament readings linked here. If the family has no preference, our staff will be happy to select the readings for you.

Funeral Luncheon

Your family may choose to host a catered luncheon for family and friends following the funeral. Our parish has a Funeral Luncheon Committee that can help you with the planning of this event.