Youth Ministry




The youth ministry of Saint Benedict parish is a place for young people to grow in the love & knowledge of Jesus Christ.

 A Culture of Welcome

We are all children of God our Creator. We embrace a spirit of welcome and belonging and do not excluded anyone. We also recognize that young people are vulnerable, easily influenced, and in need of our protection.  The youth ministry will strive to protect all young people from harm and follow proper reporting procedures if harm is done.

All children and youth workers at Saint Benedict Church are required to undergo background checks and trainings, and strictly adhere to all State and Diocesan Child Protection Policies.

A Culture of Formation

Everyone, regardless of age, has a vocation to be a disciple of  Jesus Christ. Each person offers a unique gift of self to help bring about the reign of God.  Catechesis is not the only thing necessary for a person to become a disciple. Therefore, the Saint Benedict YM focuses on all aspects of discipleship including catechesis, prayer and worship, service, and other skills for helping young persons grow throughout their life on their individual journey of faith.

A Culture of Mature Leadership

We are always striving to develop leadership for a new generation.  The youth ministry gives young people the opportunity to learn leadership skills through direct experience in leadership roles.